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Need to move on from your LLC or corporation? We make it easy to dissolve your business officially with the state. Starts at $129 + filing fees.

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Why start a dissolution

Avoid fees and taxes

Until you dissolve your business, you’re still on the hook for the fees and taxes that come with operating it.

Put creditors on notice

After settling your final bills, formally dissolving lets creditors know your business can’t incur future debts.

States require it

If you’re winding down your company, you also need to dissolve it officially with the state.

How to start your dissolution

  1. Answer a few questions online
  2. We’ll create and file your paperwork
  3. Receive your filed articles of dissolution in the mail

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Frequently asked questions

What are articles of dissolution?

It’s the form that lets the state know your business is officially dissolving. Articles of dissolution are required for most business types, such as LLCs and corporations. If you have a sole proprietorship—an unincorporated business that you run and own alone—there’s no need to file if you stop doing business.

Why should I officially dissolve my business?

It’s important to file articles of dissolution when you end a business or the state will continue to expect the business to meet its legal obligations, such as having licenses, filing reports, and paying business taxes.

What happens if I don’t dissolve my business?

You’ll still be obligated to file reports, pay taxes, and more. If you don’t dissolve and fail to meet those obligations, you could face fines, penalties, and the loss of your personal liability protection.

What steps do I need to take to dissolve my business?

Before dissolving your business, it’s important to consult your operating agreement or bylaws for any guidelines on how to dissolve. You should also notify creditors and pay business taxes you may owe. Once you’re ready, you can easily file articles of dissolution with us: answer a few questions online, and we’ll create and file your paperwork with the state.

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