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Why is a DBA important

Legally required

It’s a must if you don’t plan on using your legal name or official company name to do business.

Set up a business bank account

With it, you can open a checking or savings account in your DBAs name.

Allows you to expand easily

Use a new business name without the hassle of starting a brand new LLC or corporation.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a DBA if I already have an LLC or corporation?

Most states require you to get a DBA if you’re using a business name that’s different from your LLC or corporation name.

Do I need a DBA if I’m using my own name as my business name?

A few states don’t require a DBA if you use your full name or last name in your business name. For example if your name is Jane Smith, you wouldn’t need a DBA to call your business “Jane Smith Bakery” in Colorado, or “Smith Bakery” in California.

What’s the difference between a DBA and a trademark?

They do two very different things. A DBA alerts your county or state that your business intends to go by a name that’s different from your personal or official company name. It keeps you compliant wherever a DBA is required. Registering a federal trademark isn’t a requirement. It’s something you can apply for to get exclusive rights and protections over your brand name across all 50 states.

Does a DBA expire?

In most states and counties, you need to renew your DBA every 5-10 years. DBAs never expire in a few states like Indiana, Iowa, and New York.

Does a DBA give me liability protection?

No. You need to form an LLC, corporation, or nonprofit to get limited liability protection.

Is a fictitious, assumed, or trade name the same as a DBA?

Yes, what it’s called varies by state but it means the same thing.

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