Tiffannie Myrick-Ramos dedicates Simply Tiffannie LLC to helping others

Tiffannie Myrick-Ramos–CEO of Simply Tiffannie LLC–loves fashion, event planning, and helping others. Three years ago, while helping a friend plan a wedding, a spark ignited in her that started with wanting to make their lives much smoother on their wedding days. “I launched my business about three years ago, on the basis of helping a friend with a wedding who was doing it herself.” Within four years, Ms. Myrick-Ramos has been learning, studying and growing her skills to become more helpful to her clients and different clienteles. She relates all of this to wanting to create a better life for her children and herself. “As a single mom, I desire to create a generational wealth for my children and a company I could be proud of,” she began. “From there, my love of fashion continued and wanting to serve others. I strongly believe in taking care of people and that’s the reason I decided to dive into hospitality as a career.”

Ms. Myrick-Ramos began her journey as an executive assistant for a real estate developer in south Florida. During this job, she reflected on how she could own her own business. “I decided at that point, that I wanted to be more than being someone’s assistant, and I wanted to be a CEO myself.”

Despite seeing her dream come to pass, she faced an obstacle of being available for her children while working. “My children are very active in sports, dance, theater, etc.,” she said. “And being split in all these different places along with my very demanding clients had been probably the biggest obstacle I’ve learned.” Mrs. Myrick-Ramos doesn’t mind being honest with her clients about her family and the things she has to do for them, sharing that she often brings her children with her during consultations and events. “I’m very transparent with my clients that as much as I love my business and being available for them, the reason I’m in [the business] is because I love to take care of everyone, including my family.”

Ms. Myrick-Ramos thrives on the quote, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” When she plans and works with her clients, she is reminded of her theater teacher who taught her those words. “I had a theater teacher when I was in sixth grade, which was when I realized that my ability to orientate in front of large crowds was actually a natural gift. She had a quote that went along those lines.”

Ms. Myrick-Ramos preforming a wedding ceremony.

“My clients are my family,” Ms. Myrick-Ramos continued. She cherishes the opportunity she gets to bless a bride and groom on their special day, because to her, those are days “I can’t get back, the bride can’t get back, the family can’t get back.”

“No matter how many weddings I’ve done, how many stories I’ve heard that moment, when that bride walks down the aisle and that husband sees her for the first time, it’s something that lasts forever. And it is of the utmost importance for me that that memory is captured not only in photo or film but just in their hearts, because it is important to me.” Ms. Myrick-Ramos wants people to know that she loves love. “If anyone had to know anything about me, it’s that my love for love is real.”

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