BLKPRENEURSHIP is the premier resource network for aspiring Black Entrepreneurs who desire additional knowledge and information about their particular industry. Created in 2020, BLKPRENEURSHIP endeavors to create additional opportunities for Black Entrepreneurship visibility through print, broadcast, and messaging media platforms. The purpose and responsibility of the BLKPRENEURSHIP platform is to uplift, inspire, promote, and congregate in a fashion where we all prosper through the power of shared knowledge.


The goals and aspirations of BLKPRENEURSHIP remain clear and concise for the Black Business Owner. These goals and aspirations are centered on providing Black Entrepreneurs with the tools and resources necessary to create sustainable wealth for their business venture. BLKPRENEURSHIP prioritizes networking. We value it. Networking is how we begin our day and how we end it. BLKPRENEURSHIP places such a great emphasis on networking because we understand the importance of networking and the competitive advantage it creates.


BLKPRENEURSHIP social online presence provides Black Entrepreneurs, both locally and nationally, a platform to bring exposure to their business through interactive engagement. In addition, our social online presence seeks to spotlight topics of interest in multiple areas including but not limited to business, lifestyle, and money among others. Our aim is simple. Aspire to inspire the next generation of Black Business Owners to achieve greatness.


The BLKPRENEURSHIP magazine has been created for the Black Entrepreneur. Inside of each issue, you will find uplifting articles of Black Business Owners who have endured many trials and tribulations to reach the point of success. Authenticity and transparency is key. BLKPRENEURSHIP desire is to provide articles that engage our consumer base with relatable content focusing on Black Business Owners from different demographical backgrounds.


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