Lenora Chong is serving Creole and Korean Dishes at Morrow’s

Lenora Chong

Morrow’s restaurant has been a New Orleans favorite since its inception 2018. The restaurant, which serves Creole favorites, alongside Korean dishes, is run by Chef Lenora Chong and her son, Larry Morrow.

Chong emigrated from Korea 34 years ago and settled in New Orleans, and began working for Hilton Hotel when she was 16. Chong opened her first restaurant in 1992, and honed her skills at seven other restaurants, which she opened throughout her career.

She owned another restaurant, Lenora’s Grill, at Joseph M. Bartholomew Municipal Golf Course, when she decided to open a restaurant on St. Claude. She runs the endeavor in a partnership with her son, Larry Morrow, who is a party promoter and has worked with celebrities Drake and Floyd Mayweather.

“I started cooking in 1992 and I’ve had restaurants and a catering company,” Chong said. “For Morrow’s we knew that we wanted it to be a combination of Creole dishes that people love, as well as Korean dishes, as a nod to my own culture. My mother helps operate the restaurant and she makes sure that we keep the dishes authentic.”
The menu at Morrow’s is homegrown.

“I always have cooked New Orleans food and I want to serve food that I love,” Chong explained. “I like to find the similarities between Creole dishes and Korean dishes.”

Partnering with her son was an easy choice, and Chong said that working with him has taken her business to the next level.

“It’s been interesting working with my son,” she said. “He was what was missing in my business ventures. Larry brings creativity to the table and he’s always encouraging me to expand my horizons and try new things.”
She continued, “He’s a trendsetter and he’s become my muse in many ways; he’s always inspiring me to create new dishes.”

At Morrow’s some of the favorites are the Korean BBQ made with Korean sweet short rib that has been marinated for 24 hours and is served with Korean rice. Another customer favorite is Cajun Crawfish Pasta, with Louisiana crawfish & linguini pasta in a Cajun sauce, topped with two pieces of fried Louisiana catfish.

Chong said that she sees Morrow’s as an extension of her home and she always wants people to feel welcome.
“We cater to locals and tourists alike,” she said. “We get a good mix of all kinds of people who have heard about out food and we always want people to feel welcome. We make sure that everyone is well taken care of.”

The restaurant has been an incredible success and a “must visit” spot of celebrities, such as Diddy and Angela Yee, whenever they find themselves in New Orleans. Owner and promoter, Larry Morrow has been featured in such publications as Forbes, Business Insider, Black Enterprise and his entrepreneurial skills have been praised on the radio show, The Breakfast Club.

If you’re looking for a home style restaurant with a family feel, head over to Morrow’s. Miss Lenora will be sure to make you feel right at home.

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