Salt n Sprinkles: Home of the Vegan Treats and Land of the Sweet Tooth

Those who enjoy sweet treats have come to the right place. Samantha Perpignand, the owner of Salt n Sprinkles, is known for creating fresh, homemade, vegan recipes. She runs her business in Los Angeles, CA, and shipping is available to everyone, no matter where they live.

She discussed her journey of becoming vegan, a transition that she mentioned at first was not easy. “This has been a long journey for me. In college, I was exposed to people who didn’t eat meat for the first time.” As a result, she reduced the amount of meat she consumed, though it was difficult to maintain at first, she gave it up for good in 2017. 

Matcha Marshmallow Cookies

When Sam decided to leave the meat eating lifestyle, she did extensive research on the food industry and decided she didn’t want to participate in the harshness of the food preparation process and the treatment of animals during the process. Sam explained, “The slaughter of these animals and their treatment in these horrendous conditions makes me not want to consume that.”

Sam herself had some hesitations about consuming vegan products, but she encourages people who feel the same way to give it a try. Then she explained the negative stigmatism associated with veganism as a whole. Veganism already evokes a negative mindset in people, who think it will not be good, when they hear the word. 

It has been perceived that the vegan community is unappealing because the food is bland and its options are limited, but this is not the case here. “I think one perception that people might have on who don’t eat meat is that they just like eat salads all day and I do love a salad don’t get me wrong, so I definitely fall into that category, but I think people don’t realize how many delicious food options there are for vegan people.” This is what led Sam to start her own business in the first place. It was her goal to show that plant-based meals and desserts are plentiful. 

In the beginning stages of setting up Salt n Sprinkles, it was still all new to her, so she reached out to entrepreneurs and chatted with them about recipes and other opportunities. “I feel like every day I’m learning new things because I’ve been doing Salt n Sprinkles now for a little over a year and a half I kind of started it right before COVID happened which is also kind of crazy. I think one thing that I was pleasantly surprised by is just the community of entrepreneurs on Instagram and other black bakers or people of color and just realizing what a thriving community there is.” Sam explained how they were extremely supportive of one another and that it felt like they were all together on the journey. 

Sam encourages people who wish to start their own business not to be afraid to approach their peers or anyone who has experience. “I definitely encourage anyone looking to start a business to reach out to people doing the same thing because they are definitely out there.”

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