Top Black-Owned Skin Care and Beauty Brands

Top Black-Owned Skin Care and Beauty Brands

The skin care and beauty industry has witnessed the emergence of many black-owned businesses, especially in recent times.  Black artists, aestheticians, and beauty brand owners are continuously giving their best and rolling out some of the best products in the industry. 

Sadly, a lot of these businesses are not given the recognition they deserve. We need to recognize these individuals and businesses for the great work they have done so far and to encourage others who intend to break into the industry. Among many of the black-owned brands that are in the limelight for their remarkable works, here are some of the top brands that have paved the way for current and future small business entrepreneurs.

1. Danessa Myricks Beauty

Danessa Myricks

Danessa Myricks is a leading makeup artist and beauty brand entrepreneur. After years of experience in makeup artistry, Danessa decided to start a product line in 2015. She has gained several recognitions in recent times for her artistic cadence and continuous effort toward transforming the beauty industry. Danessa rolls out beauty products for different skin types, racial denominations, and personal styles. She is known as a great teacher and trainer, inspiring many modern-daymakeup looks, especially for women of color.

2. Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath

Pat MacGrath is one of the most influential makeup artists in the world. The beauty product line, Pat McGrath Labs, was founded in 2006 and is known for its impressive packaging, flawless finish, and formulas that suit every skin type. Some of its most popular products are concealers, foundation, and eyeshadow palettes.

3. TPH by Taraji

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson launched her unique scalp and hair care rand in January 2020, joining the list of black entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. TPH by Taraji focuses on scalp health in different categories such as Cleansing, Moisturizing, Repair, and Special treatments. Her products cut across different hair types, while TPH’s product packaging does not go unnoticed and is a major selling point for the brand. Taraji influences her brand by being the main feature in the brand images showcasing different hairstyles from both the past and present.

4. Pattern Beauty

Tracee Ellis Ross

Owned by actress and hair specialist Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern Beauty is a natural hair care line dedicated to improving hair texture and style which was founded in 2018. The brand is majorly focused on maintaining curls on natural hair, with products made from the best and safest ingredients to keep hair strong and healthy. One of its star products, jojoba oil hair serum has so many positive reviews and is highly demanded in the market.

5. Fenty Beauty

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand is arguably one of the most successful makeup brands right now in the world. Since its debut in September 2017, some women have switched from some of their go-to brands to fetch products from Fenty. The brand is known to produce makeup products that are of premium quality and available across different shades. Fenty ensures that every skin color gets its match in each of its products, and this is probably one of the many reasons it has become a household name.

6. Pholk Beauty

Niambi Cacchioli

What Niambi Cacchioli had in mind when she decided to launch this skincare line in 2018, was to make skincare easily available to women of color. Her products are perfectly formulated to suit the black skin and maintain radiant and healthy skin texture. The brand is known to be vegan, with products made from only natural ingredients, and is located in New Jersey, although some of its key ingredients are sourced from African countries such as Senegal and Ghana.

7. Uoma

Sharon Chutter

Founded by Sharon Chutter in 2018, Uoma is known to produce makeup products that stand out and do the job. Sharon Chutter, who is of African heritage, was inspired to start this brand based on her passion for beauty and creating accessible beauty products for women of color. Uoma’s foundation has full coverage, and its eyeshadow palettes are of many different color combinations and are highly pigmented.

8. Marie Hunter Beauty

Kenisha Ruff

If you love fragrances, then you would love Marie Hunter Beauty. The brand is owned by Kenisha Ruff who is a licensed cosmetologist. The brand was launched in 2016 with its products majorly being cosmetics and home fragrances that smell like luxury. Her candles are of great formulations and divine scents. Kenisha spent five years traveling around the world just to learn how ethical cosmetic products are made before she created her brand. 

9. Juvia’s Place

Chichi Eburu

Nigerian entrepreneur, Chichi Eburu is the founder and CEO of Juvia’s Place, a leading black-owned makeup brand that started in 2016. Its products celebrate many tribes and cultures in Africa. The eye shadow palettes are a strong point for Juvia’s and are currently industry favorites. They are very pigmented with a range of colors to create any artistic look you desire. They are also very suitable for black skin tones. 

10. Epara

Ozohu Adoh

Epara is a skincare brand founded by UK-based black entrepreneur, Ozohu Adoh. It was created in 2017 to help with the treatment of her skin, as she was frustrated by her inability to find products that worked for her colored skin, especially for hyperpigmentation and hydration concerns. Its range of products focuses on bringing radiance and glow back to the colored skin through the use of majorly hydrating ingredients.

The skincare and beauty industry will continue to welcome many black-owned brands. People of color are passionate about giving the very best of their talent to create unique products that are suitable for colored skin most especially. With these top black-owned brands already leading the industry, we can only imagine what new innovative products and services will crop up next. We hope that these brands continue to receive all the applause that they deserve. Here at BLKPRENEURSHIP, we do our part by making sure we give honor to whom honor is due.

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