Dedicated to serving others led Raychelle Harris to launch Harris Legal Support Services

Raychelle Harris finds her purpose in serving. Serving was not a choice. It was what Raychelle Harris was called to do. Harris, who is a native New Orleanian, grew up in the lower ninth ward attending high school at McDonogh 35 before graduating from the University of New Orleans and Tulane University where she received a Master’s Degree in Legal Studies. Groomed at an early age by parents who both worked as public servants, Harris got an early glimpse of what public service was like and what was necessary to serve and love people for who they were. Though not forced into the field of politics by either parent, Harris was truly unaware what she was learning during her youth would play a pivotal role in ultimately shaping the vision for Harris Legal Support Services years later.

Launched and legally formed during the pandemic year of 2020, Harris’ vision for Harris Legal Support Services was and is to this day to help communities in need by offering affordable services to individuals who otherwise could not afford the cost of law firms. Harris, who is skilled in Freelance Paralegal Work, Litigation support, Civil Mediation, and Grant Writing, offers Business Consulting services to help business owners better manage time.  “I don’t advise them of legal advice because I am not a licensed attorney, but by me being a Civil Mediator with the State of Louisiana, there are some aspects that I can kind of navigate for them that is really cost effective and still get the job done on the civil side.” Harris explained to

For Harris, the manifestation of her ever-growing vision for Harris Legal Support Services has finally begun to take shape, while providing a sense of fulfillment in her purpose. Humble in spirit and giving glory to God in all things, Harris admits and is quick to point out there is a greater source who helps her reach others. “Purpose fulfilled.” Harris exclaimed. “To have my clients share with me and it is definitely not in my own might or strength. It definitely has to be a God thing.” Originally based on the Westbank of New Orleans (Harvey, La.), Harris followed her heart when a need for services arose in St. John the Baptist Parish (Laplace, La.) and opened a second office to fill the need. More than a lucrative opportunity to gain additional clients, Harris has found that her new clients are using provided learning opportunities to become better business owners in addition to understanding the financial responsibilities of operating a business successfully. 

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With so much happening in her life, Harris remains dedicated not only to operating a multi-faceted business, but more importantly, spending time with her two young daughters who have made a tremendous impact on her life. A single mother of two, Harris often draws inspiration from her children to be better as a provider, but to also share with them the importance of financial health much in the same ways her parents shared when she was a youth. “They make me jump out the bed.” Harris said. “Knowing they are depending upon me it gives you an extra drive to excel more as parents. Especially as mothers, we always like to have a nest where they have security if something should happen. It makes you want to save money, make better financial decisions, be cost savvy and to teach that to them at a young age so they know the importance of having control over their money.” As a result, Harris’ two daughters have taken a liking to what their mother has shared with them pursuing an interest in entrepreneurship. Not only does Harris’ two daughters help in the day-to-day operations of Harris Legal Support Services, both have a desire to create long term financial health by pursuing outside business interests as well.

Enduring the rigors of managing a multi-faceted business and a full time mother may seem overwhelming, but for Harris, who is a stickler for timeliness, makes what seems impossible look easy. Harris, who uses automated software to help keep track of time, sets all clocks 15 minutes early to ensure great functionality as a mother and business owner. “On time is late.” Harris explained. “That is the only way I can function being a single parent and a small business owner of two operating businesses off location.” 

And though Harris is a stickler for timeliness, she also realizes the importance of timing. A part of Harris’ personal future plans includes drafting a defense dissertation to re-certify her doctoral candidacy for a doctorate in Divinity. As for Harris Legal Support Services, Harris has plans to open a new office in Slidell, La., and has tabled discussions with freelancers paralegals in Mississippi as well as Alabama. “ABC title is more conventional as franchise. We don’t want to call it franchise but have the same stream of boutique tailored services for that caliber of client. That’s the goals.” Harris said.

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