I Truescribed: The Story of Khary Rose’s Musical Journey

Originating from Greenville, South Carolina, Khary Rose (also known as Truescribe), has always been both emotionally and physically involved in the realm of music production for 15 years. Throughout his life, he was solely a rapper who would freestyle over other music producers’ beats. At the time, he had little to no experience when it came to composing beats for his music. However, a good friend of his introduced him to a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) called Fruit Loops Studio, a concept of which he had never heard before. “I downloaded this software program on your computer. You should try it out! I think this software will help you branch out as an artist!” Khary quoted. Being very unfamiliar with the territory of music production, he declined the offer as he was very comfortable rapping. Little did he know, that fleeting introduction with the DAW was more than enough to change his life forever.

Eventually, Khary decided to test out the DAW his friend told him about out of boredom. “You know what, I’m gonna play with this!” Khary said. After multiple times of using the DAW, he became obsessed with the new specimen of a program. He would spend numerous hours experimenting, learning, and implementing sounds with the DAW. From that day forward, he stuck with Fruity Loops for years to come, later creating his music business called Truescribe Beats.

After mastering the program, he wanted to make a living on his undying passion in music. However, he didn’t plan to make income on his music as swiftly as he did. Initially, when he finished composing a beat, he would add it on a website called Soundclick, which is a platform where other musicians and music producers can post and share their musical creations. One fateful day, he received an email from a fellow producer praising his skill and asked to buy the beat. To Khary’s surprise, he was able to make his very first sale of his music. Khary never imagined how he could make money out of selling his beats to his fans. “TI can make money out of this?!” He exclaimed happily. But his success on Soundclick didn’t come without hardship.


When Soundcloud was created (a platform similar to Soundclick, but with the ability to follow and communicate with other producers, replacing Soundclick in the process), it brought on some obstacles that Khary had to overcome. Soundclick had charts that producers can buy to land on them, similar to Billboard charts. This was a surefire way Khary can market his music with a larger audience. With Soundcloud, there were no charts to speak of, which meant that he had to start from scratch and find other ways of putting his music out to his many fans, which made him momentarily lose some prominent music sales. Instead of quitting his ventures, Khary wanted to find a way to “navigate through the new environment”. Eventually, he came up with the new idea of sharing his music privately with other people and started reaching out to other musicians and producers, which mitigated his struggles of marketing his music and brought an astounding 8,000 followers onto his Soundcloud page.

Many of his followers tend to ask him; “How did you manage to obtain so many followers?” Khary believes that music producers are more focused on their own compositions and not others, no matter how good their compositions were. This philosophy guided him to advise other aspiring producers to reach out to other people and take the time and opportunity to listen to their music. “Give their music a listen and critique their work.” He told BLKPreneurship. “It doesn’t hurt to show love for the craft of other producers and musicians.” He believed in the saying of “What goes around, comes around.”, and that contributed to his success as a producer.

Eventually, he made a remarkable Top 10 spot on a website called RocBattle.com, which was run by a producer named Rockwilder, who was very well-known in the music industry in the late 2000s. Many producers would visit the site to check out music from other music artists and other people within the music industry. Khary received a connection from a TV producer who was searching for background music to be used in TV shows. At first, he thought of it as a scam, but he sent some beats to him as it was low risk and his music was copyrighted. After some time, it was featured on a Kim Kardashian show. Sadly, he lost contact with the TV producer, but he was able to have his music featured on several reality shows, which satisfied him. 

Nowadays, Khary comfortably makes money through his production website called Truescribe Beats, where he continues living out his overwhelming passion in music. Now he plays guitar, makes catchy tunes on Fruity Loops and gives back to his dedicated fans on Instagram and other websites through releasing free beat packs.

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