Former dental assistant turned entrepreneur experience record sales in first full year of operation

For Katie Kagler, it all started with a desire, passion, consistency, and an idea. Kagler, who formerly worked as a dental assistant for eight years relied upon her faith to create a business model few saw coming.

What started out as Issa Snack Saturday featuring rotel dip, quickly blossomed into one of the hottest selling products in the New Orleans area.

“In my mind I always knew I could run my own business.” Kagler explained. “I tasted one of my friends (rotel) dip before and I knew I like to snack a lot so I created it on a Saturday. I went out not knowing who I was going to sell to and did not have an audience or target market of people. I just went to the barbershops, hair salons, and nail shops talking about my product and they were willing to give me a try.”

Success for Kagler did not come without a fair share of setbacks. On February 14, 2020, Kagler’s dad passed away prior to the opening of her food truck, which caused the young entrepreneur to almost abandon her dreams. “I was ready to quit.” Kagler said, “He (Dad) was my go to with my business. He was the one who motivated me everyday. My dad would always ask, why are you moving to a barbershop? What do think they would say? He would just motivate me by keeping me on my toes.”

Now, going into her third year business anniversary; Kagler, who created Issa Snack Express and now have a store front location in Harvey, Louisiana; is reaping the rewards for continuing to remain steadfast in the vision of her business. Offering a multitude of snack food items including Shrimp and Crab rolls, Downtown Doggs, specialty tacos and her famous Rotel Dip, Kagler envisions opening multiple locations while displaying her products on as many store shelves as possible in the near future.

“I want to have several spots including a warehouse that mass produce and distribute my products across the world.” Kagler explained, “I want to get on the shelves in some of these stores starting with Rouses and getting on local shelves anywhere. Anybody who wants me (issasnackexpress), I want in. I want to make passive income while I sleep. That is our goal.”

With her desire, passion, consistency, and ideas, it is obvious Katie Kagler has all of the necessary tools to grow her business brand in places all around the world.

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