New Orleans native Jeremy Piper fuels his purpose as owner of Perfect Fit Training

Jeremy Piper is becoming a force to be reckoned with because he is using his greatest weapon: himself. Hailing from New Orleans, the 26-year-old Piper is the owner and head trainer of Perfect Fit Training, a business based in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Perfect Fit Training provides a variety of services, from training sessions (via virtual or in person), memberships, nutrition plans, meal prep, supplements, and even life coaching. 

Perfect Fit Training CEO and head trainer Jeremy Piper.

With the crazy tailspin Coronavirus has put us all in, health and wellness has become an “IT” factor for businesses. But Jeremy isn’t new to this. It began approximately ten years ago when his cousin was told she might have kidney failure. He knew it was time to use the skills learned in strength and conditioning training throughout high school and college to help.

“I used all of that information and all of the techniques to basically start training my cousin while I was in school to get my certification from International Sports Sciences Association.” While helping his cousin, Piper was putting in the work to become a draft pick for the NFL.  With the help of his mentor, Coach Norman Harrell, Jeremy began to train non stop. The plan to become a NFL player didn’t come to pass, but Piper knew he was meant for something greater; something that would do more for his well-being than the NFL ever could.

Through Coach Harrell, Piper realized the power of community. “(he) Taught me the game…the game of love…to think about my people. It’s about the people.” Combining the love of community and the love of fitness, Perfect Fit Training was born. Unlike big studios and fitness corporations whose goal may be to have the most paying members, Perfect Fit is dedicated to giving undivided attention to each individual who decides to invest their health with the company (about 20 clients monthly).

“Every training session is an opportunity for therapy.” Piper says smiling. It’s all about the personal touch for Piper, making sure his clients understand their health is his #1 priority. 

With the want to provide a personalized experience for all his clients, Piper runs into the conflict of when to stop.

“It’s like a buffet because everyone needs fitness. So when do I turn it off? When do I rest?” He takes a pause. “I feel like I want to serve the community so much that sometimes I put myself behind just to serve. Like I won’t eat all day just to make sure I get all my sessions in.”

Something else has come into Jeremy Piper’s life that he took on with a winner’s mentality: fatherhood. His son N’aire Piper, was born on November 2, 2020, only a few days after vicious Hurricane Zeta hit New Orleans and surrounding areas. For Piper, the announcement of his son was just an announcement of another division for his destiny. “Once we (me and his mom) were expecting, I just kicked it into high gear.” Piper quit his job as a Community Marketing Agent at Wyndham Destinations and took on his job as a trainer as top priority. “I just started preparing for him, going hard, building my clientele…started marketing/branding.” He takes a pause and emphasizes: “BRANDING.” Piper goes on to say that he had an impressive foundation throughout his son’s development into a baby. 

“I see me being a father as a win.” Piper says about his 6-month-old son N’aire.

“By the time my son was born I had, in just a few months, worked with about 20 monthly clients and had already helped many of them reach their goals. That was a big deal.” When asked about how he’s continuing to make a life for his son, scheduling and boundaries were at the top of the list. “He is teaching me boundaries when it comes to my time and scheduling because (he’s) my highest priority. Yeah I have a company but my son is #1, he’s over me. He’s the boss. I see me being a father as a win.”

Since April 1st, Piper has continued to work with clients, have a solid presence in his son’s life, and is now in contact with Jefferson Parish Recreation Department (JPRD) as a reviewer for fitness stations in Jefferson Parish. The first fitness station has already been completed in Westminster, Marrero with 30 community leaders, residents, and officials showing up to the completion. Among those officials and leaders, the list included councilman Byron Lee, and Rev. Ricky Johnson.

“The contract is officially with me, but Perfect Fit is partnering up with JPRD to provide safe fitness opportunities and knowledge to the community,” Piper explains.

In addition to being a reviewer of fitness centers, Piper has also been teaching classes at Martin Luther King Junior Park in Harvey, Louisiana, for the last three weeks. The classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and specialize on different parts of the body in each class, including cardio, core and strength, agility and functional movement. The classes are open to everyone ages 14 and up. With so many events happening in Jeremy Piper’s career, his goal remains simple:

“My overall vision is to change the stigma of our community in terms of fitness and health. To leave a long lasting effect on New Orleans so that my son and following generations can grow up and have a healthy environment. The purpose of Perfect Fit is to teach and equip communities with the knowledge to succeed in fitness and wholeness. I believe I was designed to fulfill that purpose.”

For more information about Jeremy Piper and Perfect Fit Training, follow Jeremy Piper on Instagram @perfectfitnola and email his company:


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  4. Any session with Jeremy is both physical and mental health therapy.

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