After years in the real estate industry, Quinn Lawrence launches multi-million dollar brokerage firm

From an early age, Quinn Lawrence always knew real estate would be a part of her future. Lawrence, a native New Orleanian and single mother of one, grew up in Uptown and gained a love and appreciation for real estate as a young child by walking through upscale neighborhoods with her grandmother she always thought was unaffordable.

Beginning in 2015, Lawrence, who spent a few years in the insurance industry prior to starting her real estate brokerage firm Quintessential Realty, decided to make the jump into the real estate field by obtaining her real estate license. Working long hours to accomplish the goal of obtaining her real estate license, Lawrence knew that holding herself accountable was the only way to begin the process of transitioning into the real estate industry.

“In 2015, after a few years of being an insurance agent, I decided to get my real estate license” Lawrence said. “I put it (obtaining real estate license) off for two years, prior to 2015 and one day I decided I would go online and pay for the course. I took the attitude that if I spend my hard earned money on this course then I have no choice but to finish it.”

It was not long after obtaining her real estate license and working for her first real estate brokerage firm did Lawrence realize the true value of her worth. Lawrence, who spent three years under her first real estate brokerage firm, began noticing the large disparity in revenue split between the commissions she and the brokerage firm received. Although Lawrence valued the training and resources often provided to agents like herself, the split in earnings did not seem right.

“Everything I sold they (real estate brokerage firm) took half” Lawrence said. “After a while I was thinking to myself; I’m doing all of the hard work. I am creating my own leads. Why are you entitled to half of everything I sell? I started doing some research on some other brokerages that had a more competitive commission structure and I left” Lawrence explained. ” My last straw was I sold a sizable house (amount wise), and my gross commission was $9600 (dollars) and between my brokerage’s split and paying a referral fee I netted only $2300 (dollars).”

As a result, Lawrence, who struggled financially as a single mother due to the shortage in income, would not allow those circumstances to dictate the future of her real estate brokerage firm. “I had no financial cushion. I am not married. I don’t have a spouse who is a breadwinner where I can afford to not make money” Lawrence said. “I struggled a lot with (my) vehicle breaking down. I did not have the money to get it (car) repaired and still trying to maintain my dream of selling real estate.”

It was these previous experiences in the real estate industry that guided Lawrence to establish Quintessential Realty in 2019. From the start, Lawrence had a clear vision to ensure her future agents under her brokerage firm would be compensated for their hard work. Now, with a multi-million dollar real estate brokerage firm of her own, Lawrence makes it a point to pass along the knowledge to her now seven (7) full-time agents. “Those struggles is what kept me humble. I am great now. I am better off financially now but I still don’t take it for granted because I remember where I came from” Lawrence said. “I have new agents who when I tell them the price to get started (as a real estate agent) (I) see it on their face. I tell them join my brokerage and I will write the check and cover this for you.”

Since incorporating in 2019, Quintessential Realty has grossed more than 15 million (dollars) in real estate sales. With her real estate brokerage fully established, Lawrence now looks to the future. “Expansion. I would love to have more agents in the New Orleans area and educating our (black) people on the power of home ownership.”

Now that Lawrence has established Quintessential Realty as one of the top real estate brokerage firms in the New Orleans area, this powerful young black entrepreneur has shown why it is important to never give up on your dream.


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