The Browns: Using their Passion to Inspire the Youth

Food/Live/Love was created by Ayesha and Jade Brown, husband and wife who have a passion for aiding their expertise on food and management. Founded in 2020, their business is targeted toward strengthening restaurants and organizing their operation teams, as Mr. Brown (Jade) enjoys aiding restaurants as a chef and Mrs. Brown enjoys the financial and processing aspects of the company. Through working together and continuing to learn how to be business partners as well as marriage partners, this couple was determined to excel and create an environment full of inspiration, learning and growth during a worldwide pandemic.

“We launched Food/Live/Love because God had spoken to us to start a business, and the business He wanted us to start was my husband fixing restaurants and helping them organize and deal with operations,” Mrs. Brown explained. Mr. Brown told me that his creation of the company was “an accident”—as it “was a mixture of my passion for cooking and my passion for fixing things.”

The Browns dedicate their compassion for the youth to their sheer love and respect of God. “The reason we want to help is because we actually want (the youth) to have a life that is healthy and whole,” Mrs. Brown explained. Mr. Brown wants the youth to be equipped with the knowledge they need to create a better and healthier life; which is why he and his wife make it a mission to give wisdom to the young people they are around, sharing, “The Bible says, ‘wisdom screams in the streets, but we don’t hear it,’ and I remember being at that age, wanting to do more but I didn’t have people around me willing to teach me more.”

Their motivation for being successful in the business world and thriving toward their goals is contributed to ‘kicking Satan’s butt.’ “This makes life more fun, because then you get more dignity. The more you conquer and the more you grow, the more your gift is unhindered.” “For me,” said Mr. Brown, “it’s the sheer promises of God, that I can have anything that I speak or dream.”

Mrs. Brown relies on her tight schedule to keep her afloat amidst the many hats she wears as a mom, a teacher (she, along with her husband, homeschools their child). “(I) make sure (my schedule) is written down and I don’t compromise on it just because I’m capable and have the ability to.”  As for Mr. Brown, “I honestly don’t know. (laughs) I wake up every morning and give it 150%.”

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