Treniesha Strong of Strong Enterprises aims to promote mental health and self-care

Pinks and bright colors swarm the yourstrong Instagram page so that visitors feel welcomed, supported and included. Meet Treneisha Strong, owner of Strong Enterprise, a collection of businesses focused on aiding customers in upkeeping their physical, mental and financial health in their lives. While suffering from depression and anxiety herself, Ms. Strong launched her company in 2020, despite both flaring up due to self-doubt, no support from family, no finances, etc. Wanting to create a space where people could go for a support system to turn to, Strong felt a need to help motivate others and be that support she needed. “I didn’t have a motivator or accountability partner to keep me grounded. I didn’t have someone to keep me inspired and encouraging me to keep pushing toward my dreams and goals.”

Ms. Strong sends a message every Wednesday to her followers checking on their mental health.

In an interview with ATL’s most inspiring stories, Ms. Strong spoke on the beginning of her business which started as she learned how to create her own course. “I signed up, started working and Strong Enterprises was created. Not only was I building a course, I thought maybe this can be my empire I said I always wanted to build.”

With her struggle with mental illness, she copes with it everyday and aims to still run her business in excellence. She offers physical exercise classes virtually and is active on Instagram promoting her services and business to her clients. “Mental illness doesn’t go away so I have been having moments of depression and lack of motivation. And it’s not easy when you’re building your business but still trying to maintain a social life.” Strong has a life coach whom she meets with regularly to help her better focus her life and priorities, and has had a therapist. “With both of them right beside each other and supporting me, it was definitely a help within the last three years.”


Ms. Strong offers daycare services as well for single mothers.

During the beginning of her business, Ms. Strong had no support from family and friends, nor a lot of interaction from social media. There were days when Ms. Strong struggled with providing for herself and seeing when money would come in because of the pandemic. To help her throughout these times, she always remembered the quote ‘God got me.’ “Because without him, I wouldn’t be here. So I say every morning, throughout every situation that I’m going through that God’s got me and I’m covered under him. I also tell myself, ‘you’ve got this.'”

Ms. Strong continues to pursue her big dreams; running a boutique as well as creating more services to better help single mothers and other entrepreneurs. One thing she wants everyone to know about her business is that mental health is important. “It’s important to take care of yourself. Listen to your body, if you need to rest, make sure you rest. Be calm, do something fun, I’ll say for an hour or so.” “For me, self-care is self-love,” she continued. “So that’s why I make sure I do self-care every week, I have a specific day. But having one day of self-care in your life is going to make a big difference in your life.”

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