‘More than a mother’: Chi Quita Mack helps mothers become more in tuned with themselves with the launch of ‘The Chi Quita Mack’

One glance at The Chi Quita Mack’s Instagram page and the thought of “how in the world can someone handle all these responsibilities and look so good doing it!?” pops up. Since her business’s conception in 2020, Ms. Mack has been a driving motivation to hundreds of mothers struggling to define themselves as other than just ‘mommy’. She offers classes, one-on-one sessions, and other services just for mommies so they can learn to see themselves as more than just someone taking care of the kids. An intense passion for change, honesty and bravery sparked her business, The Chi Quita Mack, where she lives out her calling helping teach women about who they are and what they could be.

The Chi Quita Mack

But the origin of Ms. Mack’s greatest success was born out of her worst misery.

Let’s go back seven years. In 2015, after seven long years of marriage, a traumatic time occurred between her and her husband. She felt herself left in a puddle of depression, anxiety, dread, and so much self-doubt. For Mack, the Maryland native who was now a wife, mother of two (and now three), and soldier for the U.S. military for the past 11 years, life was an inconceivable amount of pain.

And from this pain was birthed The Chi Quita Mack. “I was like, ‘what the hell is going on?’ This was not what I wanted my life to be like.” Ms. Mack experienced depression, burnout, and anxiety, and was in the process of healing in her marriage. Despite the emotional strain, she still had to be a mommy and provide and work for her children. “I just drove myself into whatever my kids wanted me to do and I never knew who I was.” When she started attending therapy, her therapist would always ask, “Who are you?” to which she would reply, “I don’t know.” And as time went on, she continued seeking the answer to the question and realized that “I am the Chi Quita Mack.” Mack started her business and didn’t want other mothers to continue suffering.

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Through her pain, her business was born to bring a safe space to mommies to know that they are not alone and that there is a community out there ready to support them. “I didn’t have the support that I needed, and I thought I was the only mommy going through this. I didn’t know that other moms went through similar things, and so I started the business for mommies to come and know that they are more than just moms and there are ways to overcome the anxiety and the depression.”

Ms. Mack’s business offers courses on self-love, clarity calls, where she sits down with clients and helps them get back in touch with their life’s vision, and life coaching, including her three-day empowerment challenge, where she speaks with women on becoming more fulfilled in their career, feeling more at peace with their decisions, and finding joy and more of a sense of pride. “I talk through their feelings, develop self-care plans, and I talk about knowing who you are and knowing that you’re more than a mother, and it’s important to learn about being intentional about your feelings and your words and self-care.” For her, The Beauty in You interviews, she interviews a mom through Instagram live and then posts the recording on her YouTube and email list for her clients and subscribers to see.

The Chi Quita Mack

Since the start of her business, Ms. Mack has been the sole worker, planner, and running force behind everything. She collaborates during events, and also occasionally gets help from her husband as she also does work around her community. Currently, she is focusing on learning that despite all the things that she does through her business, she can not do everything herself. “I enjoy my job and my community. One thing I do is talk with my children and husband and let them know my schedule and my upcoming plans. I tell them ‘well this is what I’ve got going on’ and I tell my kids that if they have something for me to do and it’s not on my whiteboard, then it won’t happen!” Another obstacle she encounters is the challenge with managing all of her incoming ideas. “I have a notebook where I write everything down so that I don’t forget anything. I just enjoy letting moms know that we are a safe place and sometimes the ideas come rushing in.”

Some of Mack’s favorite quotes are positive affirmations she says every day. “I like to say, ‘I am worthy, I am confident, I am in control of my peace and happiness.’ I also like to say, ‘Experience, learn and repeat’. I feel like that’s just life, period. Stuff happens in life and life sucks. It does! But what I want you to do is reflect on what happened, learn from it, and move on, because we have more life to live and we have stuff to do!”

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