Sand Brumfield, owner of Permanent Envy Aesthetics, aims to blend beauty and health together

Sand Brumfield’s goal has always been to heal and help.

Originally hailing from St. Louis, Missouri and working as a registered nurse for 20 years, she has plenty of experience working with people and introducing them to both healthy living and feeling beautiful. After taking some time off from her job in Houston, Texas as a case manager to learn how to specialize in skin beautification, she saw her passion with beauty come alive and a new part of her was awakened. While some of her family and friends didn’t understand her sudden switch, she continued to pursue this new passion. “They just couldn’t see why I would change,” she began. She wanted a change of scenery, and decided to blend her creative skills with her health and wellness skills. She continued pursuing this new passion for skin beautification with her mentor, then branched out, beginning her new career in aesthetics.

After being laid off from her job in 2016, Brumfield asked her husband what he thought about her pursuing it full time. With his support, she continued pursuing the beauty industry. Before she knew it, she had a full blown business she was passionate about, giving her a new environment to grow and thrive in.

Sand Brumfield RN and Dr. Victoria Zavala

While in school, Brumfield couldn’t find people of color to help her learn more about her field. “I was told I couldn’t do certain things to people of color’s skin and all these challenges that would occur if I tried to do so. I just really wanted to start doing this so I could offer this beautiful procedure to people of color,” she shared. She knew that people of color had preconceived notions about procedures like Botox and injections, and wanted them to know that if the procedures were done right, it can and would look beautiful. She sees the benefits in permanent makeup because not all people are make-up savvy, and many don’t have much time to do make-up. “This permanent makeup stuff is changing the game,” she commented. “Permanent make-up can look soft and natural.”

One obstacle that Brumfield faced was not being a native Houstonian. She had to get to know the big city of Houston while also learning how to open a business.

As a naturally more family-oriented person, constantly attending networking events wasn’t top priority for her. “I network as often as I can, but to be honest, God makes all my connections fall in line for me”.  In the beginning, her clients originally weren’t very open to her Botox and injectable services, thinking it was something they didn’t need and didn’t want to invest in. She continued to educate her clients, and with time, they were excited to receive the services. They even began to spread the word to friends and family about her Botox and aesthetic procedures. Six years later, clients travel to her from near and far to receive these procedures. “A little bit does help,” she commented.

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As a wife and mother with four boys, she sees her business as such an advantage when it comes to being able to prioritize her family and their needs. She attributes her goal of putting her family first to her mother who worked often, providing for her and her siblings. Having her own business allows her to provide for her family and have an active presence in the home. To achieve this, she revolves her business around her family, and creates her work schedule based on their needs. To Brumfield, money isn’t everything, but the bond that she shares between her clients and herself is more important. “People will understand that you care for them and that you actually want to see them look good and feel good,” she shared. In her eyes, business is about building connections, not just building funds.

Sand Brumfield RN

Brumfield likes to remind herself that she has the same 24 hours as everyone else and also that opportunities come to those who create them. She competes with herself, her priorities, and puts the responsibility on herself to make her life goals happen. Brumfield wants people to know and understand that her company is a safe place. She wants customers to know that she is here to help educate her community about skincare, self-care in its entirety, preventative measures and how to age gracefully, even with ‘a little help.’

Brumfield now has a new form of beauty products being released soon to help boost skin health.

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